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Need forestry equipment to help with your heavy duty log lifting?

Lumberhawk has the attachment you need for your forestry machines. From lifting logs to carcasses to laying fence lines to many other forestry operations, the Lumberhawk single line log grapple is the only forestry machine attachment you will need.

All the benefits of a hydraulic grapple, but without the hassle, it has a fast attachment changeover and is guaranteed to save you time and money.

The Lumberhawk log grapple is a large grapple attachment used in conjunction with a land-based hauler and a remote controlled carriage. It eliminates the dangers that breaker-outers face when hooking up conventional strops.

More profit for your business

The Lumberhawk log grapple boasts an extremely low maintenance, fully mechanical mechanism: no hydraulic systems, no electrical systems. The mechanism is simply attached to the long line and is fully operational. No more switches, buttons or wiring. The operator is simply left to operate the machinery.

Constructed from Bisloy steel the log grapple is designed for maximum strength but with a significant saving in weight. The simple single High Tensile bolt attachment ensures that the Lumberhawk Grapple is compatible with a wide range of long lines.


No electrics or hydraulics required
Low maintenance
No more breaker-outer (ground crew) required
Less down time