Custom Built Forestry Machine Attachment

The Lumberhawk Log Grapple is the only logging attachment you will ever need

We custom build the Lumberhawk claw grapple to suit a variety of applications. It has all the benefits of a hydraulic grapple – without the hassle.

Our product has been used for many lifting tasks, from the extraction of deer carcasses to laying fence lines for logging and forestry operations.

Though designed for aerial use, the log grapple is equally at home attached to conventional truck-mounted articulated arms and cranes.

Turnaround times can be halved as the Lumberhawk Grapple eliminates the need to rely on ground crew to strap loads. The crewless operation also removes a potential hazard from the area of operations.

Whatever your intended use, the Lumberhawk Grapple WILL save you time and money.

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More specifications


Low Maintenance

  • No hydraulic systems
  • No electrical systems
  • Fully mechanical

Suit Variety of Applications

  • Logging grapple
  • Rocks and boulders
  • Virtually anything requiring lifting
jaw opening
Tare Weight
Safe Working Load
Lumberhawk Grapple 1300mm 500 KG 8MT
Custom sizes available